• Objectives of Company

  •  With respect to the perspective of the founding members, the main objective of the Noavaran Abnieh Kish Co. is to seek the satisfaction of all the employers, its commercial parties, and to be branded as the premium choice amongst companiesproviding ...

About Us

Noavaran Abnieh Kish Company (Private Joint Stock) is registered and licensed in Kish Free Zone Organization under No. 13185 as of 22 Sept. 2016. The NAK Company has had a flawless reputation, respect, and success in implementing constructional, concrete work and water dam project. In order to achieve the higher objectives of the country and in line of itʼs prospective, this company has taken major steps in undertaking social and environmental responsibilities. The NAK Company follows the current and most up-to-date research in order to acquire knowledge and experience in the fields of industrial and civil constructions. The NAK Company is also very adaptive and resourceful in incorporating local human ...


Our Clients

  • Behsaz Nama co
  • ahab company

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